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5 Unique Hairstyles You Can Make in 10 Steps or Less

Any girls want them to look more beautiful when walking; especially, with a nice hairstyle. Here are some simple styles that you can follow. Let’s see!

1. Flower braid hairstyles

Basically, you need to prepare some necessary things such as the bobby pins, sea salt spray, and mini hair elastics.

flower braid hairstyles

  • The first, one inch of hair from two sides of the head (above the ears) is grabbed and twisted together at the center of the head after using a mini hair elastic to secure it.
  • The second, it braids 2 inches of the hair underneath the elastic; then, using another elastic to secure.
  • The third, the made braid is wrapped into the flower shape after securing with the bobby pins.
  • Finally, to create the beach-waved texture of the rest hair section, you can use the sea salt spray.

2. Wrap around braids

The essential things consist of the reworkable hold paste, mini hair elastics, and bobby pins

Wrap around braids

  1. Initially, you need to divide your hair into 4 sections – top, bottom, right, and left (like the photo).
  2. It braids the right section of the hair after securing with a mini hair elastic.
  3. Let’s wrap your braid the rearwards of the head and the opposite side of the bun is pinned to.
  4. The left section of the hair is made the same as the right one
  5. Making the same as number #3.
  6. To smooth any flyaway sections, you utilize the reworkable hold paste with a pea-sized amount.

3. French hawk

The preparation involves the tail comb, bobby pins, texturizing finishing spray, and mini hair elastics.

French hawk


  • Using the tail comb, you separate out the center hair section at the crown of the head (about 2 inches). The best is to begin at the hairline and end at the top of the head.
  • Before starting to braid French, you need to divide this section into 3 small sections.
  • Now, you braid a whole section.
  • Once it gets the desired length, you finish with an elastic.
  • In this step, using the bobby pins to be fixed the detail of the braid.
  • The last is to spray a little texturizing finishing one on your loose hair.

4. Triple-threat braid

Essentially, you need to have the hair clips, bobby pins, and tail comb.

Triple threat braid

  • Your hair section to one side after utilizing the tail comb to make a section as long as it is perpendicular to your hair section behind the ear. To keep the rest hair section out of the way, you can clip back it.
  • It takes a small section (about 1 inch) at the crown of the section. Then, all the way your hair, you begin braiding a 3-stand one.
  • It uses the tail comb in order to tease and secure the detail of your braid without using a mini hair elastic. You need to comb from the end of the hair up to the braid end until you recognize them tension without unraveling your braid.
  • The hair section next to the initial braid is also made and braided all the way down after using the tail comb to tease the end.
  • Similar to number #4, you continue to make the third braid.
  • Let’s pull three made braids together and pin them in place behind the ear.
  • To keep the braids more secured, you should add another pin that contributes to creating an X shape.
  • To make your seamless hairstyle, the rest of hair needs to be unclipped and draped over. The purpose is to hide the pins.

5. Frohawk

It is certain that there is one of the simplest hairstyles. To make you need the hairspray, mini hair elastics, hair clips, and bobby pins.


  • By using the clips of the hair to make 4 sections of your hair down the center of the head.
  • It replaces every clip by using an elastic for a fixed hold.
  • Using the bobby pins to smooth the flyaway pieces of the hair.
  • By your fingertips, every section of your hair is roughed until your hairstyle looks like Mohawk.

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