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Top 5 Undercut Hairstyle for Men in 2016

It can say that the undercut is considered as the main hair trend in the editorial appearance and runway of men. These hairstyles are common in fashion; even, plenty of television and film stars also cut them as their own style. Until now, the undercut has become a phenomenon for the street style, especially, the younger generations enjoy experiencing the last new. In fact, anything has its reason, it, too. The first, these styles are youthful and suitable for a variety of hair types – straight, wavy, and curly. In additional to that, many manners may interpret for the undercut. From classic to modern, you can consider finding a suitable type for yourself. Let’s see!

#1 – The classic undercut

hair classic undercut

It looks like more conservative. The trimmed sides can be maintained, in spite of going for a classic cut without too long. There is a classic undercut for those who have a little worried about the short cut. It’s also true because it looks simple. Nevertheless, extremism is no. With the undercut both classic and simple, you just need to keep it polished and clean. What a great it is! When you use a little gel, along with the 40’s/ 50’s touch. So great!

#2 – Layered undercut

hair layered undercut

Do you want some different thing a bit? Well, you can try a layered undercut. If you want your hair to look more perspective, this undercut is considered as a full, deep version for you. Thanks to the additional layers, it contributes to amplifying the locks yours. Correspondingly, it makes your hair become more voluminous. What degree do you want to layer your hair? – You need to determine this one. It means to start cutting the short segments of your hair when a barber is cutting your hair. Continuously, the longer portions have proceeded if you recognize that it is suitable for your face.

#3 – Slicked back undercut

hair Slicked back undercut

You want to pull off the back-slicked undercut, don’t you? To style your hair back, requiring your hair is long sufficient. Will you want a longer hair? Well, you need a great-quality product of the hair in order to tame it up top. Nevertheless, you still have another option if you want to have more modern hairstyle – a matte mousse for hair. Like that, your hair texture is fixed. On the contrary, the old trend is more suitable for you. Let’s try a hair gel product to make sure more structured cut, but a relaxed reference is still maintained. So great!

#4 – Side swept undercut

Hair Side swept undercut

With the pompadour-esque style, this undercut version – the side swept undercut is appreciated the best. Similar to the back-slicked version, the initial step is to develop a side-swept undercut as long as it makes sure the longer proportions up to the top. Likewise, the hair slicking will work as well as your short hair sides. To pull off the side-swept undercut, you must ensure that your hair is parted a correct manner. This one contributes to creating the difference, so you let choose the most suitable part for the face. To determine, you can allow your hair to fall a natural way.

#5 –Puffy undercut

Hair Puffy undercut

With the puffy undercut, you shall be able to pull off your hair with plenty of texture and volume. Depending on the kind of your hair, you can choose this undercut version. In general, the majority of the gentlemen who has the curly hair type often enjoy this hairstyle because of its easy recreating, especially, your hair will also be enhanced the natural waves once applying the hair gel product. On the other hand, for men owning the straight hair type, it is important for creating a lot of texture with this undercut hairstyle. If you want your hair to look more original with this version, you can use the matte hair product.

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