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5 Stylish Hairstyles for Women – Feminine &Charming

Milan, Paris, New York and London runways always bring a source of inspiration not only the clothing but also the great trend of hair. Specifically, there are 5 hairstyle trends for women that are considered as the standing out stylish and being enjoyed by the majority of women over the world.

1. Side part hairstyle

Side part hairstyle

This hairstyle has become common thanks to its feminine and glamorous quality. It can say that side partings are a versatile hairstyle and can be suitable for any length of hair – from bob to long hair. In general, it can be made in many different manners. Nevertheless, wearing a side-parting one with wavy hair is the most common. Each of the partings as well as the texture of the hair compliment has the various beauty. The girls will look more luxurious with this hairstyle. Even, it looks the easiest to maintain.

2. 70’s center parting hairstyle

Center parting hairstyle

We run into the 70’s style on the SS16. This hairstyle is considered as a big way in the recent years. Literally, there was also assumed another stylish – taken center stage. It is not difficult to see this hairstyle on the runways of Gucci, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Versace, and Gucci. Yes, it is the simplest manner so that your hair looks more personality.

3. Wavy hairstyle


It can say that the wavy hairstyle is suitable for both long and short hair because it is simply a hairstyle. We don’t likely deny its attraction in recent years. Looking at the SS16 runways of Rachel Zoe, Burberry, Patricia Vieira, or Kye, it is quite popular.

In the months of the spring and summer, this wavy style looks perfect because it creates the comfortable, relaxed feeling. There is also one of the easier hairstyle trends for women so as to try. If you don’t have a thick, wavy hair, what will you do? – Simply, you just need to roll your hair into curls after pinning and locking them with hairspray. Then, it sets your curls a sure way to lightly run the fingers yours via your hair. Like that, you get the wavy hairstyle. So simple!

4. Bold bangs hairstyle


It seems this year is to spend for bangs. Actually, it appears a hairstyle in the beauty world called “bang”. Bold bangs hairstyle which is inspired by a wide range of punk rockers is also the standout on some runways of Marc Jacobs, Prada, Versace, Lavin, Louis Vuitton, and Boss.

It is a pity that this hairstyle isn’t the easiest trend to cut. Accordingly, you ought to consider a careful way – the shape of your face and your forehead size before wearing. Most bangs suit the face with an oval shape. It can say that the best trend is the straight blunt bangs. The side swept bangs are ideal for the heart-shaped face. Let’s pay attention to the top half of the face because a round face can look fuller with bangs. Those who have owned s small forehead should wear the asymmetrical bangs. On the contrary, the large forehead will be the thick blunt bangs. The bangs are long enough to avoid falling into the eyes.

5. Low ponytail hairstyle


There is not a new trend, but the low ponytail hairstyle still likely becomes a trend for 2016. Those who like the on-trend look without fuss-free, it cannot ignore this hairstyle.

With ponytails, you can quickly pull your hair, especially when you are busy. However, this doesn’t make you close the beauty. By tying your hair right the nape of the neck, you will look more sophisticated. The biggest benefit of this hairstyle is to bring the versatile appearance, along with a wide range of different styles whatever your hair is straight or tousled. If you want to look more luxurious, you can add the metallic barrette or ribbon. What a great you look!

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