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Tips on Straightening Your Hair At Home

Hair straightening is a tough job if you do not have the tools supports to perform, how to straighten your hair at home by yourself. In this article, I will tell you the tips, hair-straightening process effectively.

The question of a woman who wants to straighten her hair at home:

 “I do my curly hair is one week but now want to stretch. I was consulting makes this hairstyle look younger but I currently less than 30 years old but with this twist hairstyle that I look old as 40 years old. Who has the experience, please let me how to do because I was just doing my curly hair, so I worry the hair straightening will damage my hair.”

Most women are concerned about hair straightening technology typically by chemical and thermal effects, in the long run, many times will harm the hair structure and worse results if using straightening products poor quality. Therefore, since the owner decided to stretch silky hair, you need to decide on a reputable hair salon use professional hair products. Besides, to straighten the hair, there should be one process straightening properly:

Protect Your Hair before Stretching

Protect your Hair Style

This is a very important stage to protect the weak and damaged hair pieces from the effects of heat and chemicals. It needed skilled hands of the hairstylist to the process taking place straightening safe, efficient and optimal hair care.

Straightening become obsession hair products when stretching is used poor quality and of unknown origin. This is the main reason causing dry hair, fibers, loss of vitality and was straightening a “strained” by the impact of chemicals in the ingredients stretching. Thus, the conscious product lines selected senior straightening chemical would be a prerequisite for straightening hair soft and strong.

Process of Straightening


The shampoo is the first step before you apply any method of any thermal styling. The hair should be provided with moisture, nutrients, and clean up the entire dust along the body from the base to tip. Do this at home or the barbershop, just remembers that you do not use conditioner because it will restrict the entry of chemical on the hair stretching.

Dry the Hair


This should be done at the hairdresser because only experts can determine if the necessary moisture to your hair before applying medication. Towel wipes the droplets clinging to your hair after shampooing end step. Panel dryer at moderate temperature and applied across the board until they are 20% humidity is. Hair care solution spray if you show signs of damage before implementation.

Apply the Straightening Chemical

Apply medication each small vertical curls and at least 1.5 cm scalp. If the hair on the tops is weak, the hairdresser will obliterate the base first and then to about 10 minutes before applying to the ends. Particularly, leaving the roots, are spread by hand smoking.

The average residence time of about 30 minutes medicines but workers will regularly check because each hair has a different expansion. Drug effects are stretching as higher pH causing very dry hair, fibers, breakage. So when the hair just enough to spray expansion balancing solution pH 5.5 were up throughout the hair for a few minutes and then discharged.

Hair Conditioner

In this step, you only need to remember that hair will go through two discharge times were: flush with water and flush with oil discharge. Do not forget to wash the hair with water and dried long enough turn the hair with a dry cloth before the next steps.

Straightening Clamp

 Make Straightening Clamp your hair

Hair specialist will use heat tools stretch your hair back in the opposite direction. Follow the instructions by the execution time how much faster your hair will be less damaged much. You should speak when you see and smell the drug hot stormed up the nose while stretching; employees will be adjusted to your health condition.

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