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Experience for Hairdressing Profession

I started doing hair and make services at home. But I see the problem when I came home as mothers, have always been the mother to ask questions with specialized content which is called “process” or “process” dyed hair, hair. So I thought I should share with less experience, less knowledge about the beauty of your hair, to help mothers wiser when beauty.

My sisters are or ask me is: why the dyed hair coloring outside the shop, the hair looks glossy finish, beautiful, true to color as you like but only after a few washes, it suddenly faded and hair loss, cracking, drying and preliminary probability. Why sure barbers branded drugs, each synchronized – i.e., drugs occasionally and supported each other but still down or up and hair color as desired. Why the hair dryer at the hairdressers finished, just a few hours after the hair was tangled and broken… So I think I need to write this article for moms to know more knowledge about hair.

His hair bending, squeezing, washing dyeing and drying, is steamed are exerted by chemicals, heat is applied to the hair. If hair reaches “maturity” it is the standard, the hair beautiful, shiny and durable. But otherwise will be faded hair, dry hair, Profile, confusion… Bottom line is also just because it has not yet reached maturity. But at times, the hair of my sister but apprenticed to learn and how much one would proficient skills though not understand the causes, the nature of the phenomenon. So the term “maturity of hair,” there are many people had never heard of or do not know what it is, When is hair-nine? I say that not with the criticism or contempt of another hair mechanic.

Experience hairdressing profession

But the fact that the questions are many people has to face. Because you’re all learning style for each other and convey to each other do, then you’ve become familiar with some arms and funds to start undertaking the stores head for waving, separate and cut shop owner’s hair. Because of the apprenticeship, the sister I did not notice, do not ask him about the “why do it?”, But the majority of my sister worked as a model only proficient skills. So are things there she asked me “, she sat dying, not 10 minutes, the owners told her to go to hair conditioners are not the colors to be bold, but then, the color is still not as desired.

the hairdresser profession

If you do not own quality dry hair, first washed and then incubated please conditioner during a bath. And you have good hair quality; you should only add conditioner at the final stage of bathing. You gently towel partially soaked hair until no longer flooded, absolutely not impact the hair with a towel, because it will make your hair lose moisture and rubbing hurt by sharply

Though dyeing, steaming, drying, i.e., you can do anything that does impact on their hair, if not achieve this endurance limit of their hair.  The product has done will not be durable but also photos hair threaten the health of workers only when there is no experience for the customer when they do new hair “feeling” this is to maturity of hair.

make your hair

I told the truth and will affect some workers to the hairdresser in the profession, but that the error is due to the part of the teaching objective and the subjective on the part of the school. Drying also the mothers will see that I did dry too neither long nor too fast drying, drying not too curly or too drying temperature. It’s because I know the stops, II know that they have achieved hair elasticity, drying again will burn all the hair, dry hair loss outer layer – the epidermis, hair lead to sustainable human development profile.

So experience is that mothers should choose one person experienced hairdresser, hairdresser choose drugs of good quality. Because this is just beautiful, nourishing. Mothers should trust any hair products, while chemical maker for mothers, they will be made directly, per bottle chemical name, origin, expiry date. Hopefully, little experience of mine to help the mother care for the hair is glossy, beautiful and younger!

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